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The scope of this conference is focused and includes the following topics (But not limited to):

Broadband Integrated Services Digital Network

Cellular Networks, Wireless LANs, PANs and MANs

Circuit-Switched Networks

Computing in Communication Networks

Content Delivery Networks

Data Networks

Datacenter Design and Interconnection Networks

Datagram Networks

Delay-Tolerant Networks

Distributed Networks

Flying Ad-Hoc Networks

Fog-Empowered Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks

Future Communication Networks and Systems

High Speed Networks

Integrated Networks


IoT-Based UAV Networks

Learning Based Intrusion Detection in IoT Networks

Learning for Autonomous Networks

Learning for IoT Network Security

Learning for Routing, Flow Compression and Congestion Control

Learning in Cloud and Fog Networking

Learning in IoT Networking and Communications

Learning in Software Defined Networks

Message-Switched Networks

Network Architectures

Network Coding for Transport and Storage

Network Embedding

Network Function Virtualization

Network Orchestration

Network Resource Management through Learning

Network Security and Applications

Network Slicing

Network Tools and Applications

Network Traffic Control Systems

Networked Learning

Overlay Networks

Parallel and Distributed Computing and Networks

Peer to Peer Networks and Client-Server Networks

Personal Learning Networks

Quality of Service in Networks

Satellite Networks

Sensor and Adhoc Networks

Software-Defined Networks

Standardization in Communication Networks

UAV Communication Networks

Vehicular Adhoc Networks

Vehicular Cloud Mobile Networks

Virtual-Circuit Networks

Wireless Internet and Communications