List of Accepted Papers : View The acceptance rate is 22%.
Due to the COVID-19 situation COCOLE 2022 is going to be virtual Last Date of Submission :- 30-06-2022, 10-07-2022 (First Extension), 15-07-2022 (Submission Closed) Notification of Acceptance :- 30-08-2022 Last Date of Registration :- 05-09-2022 Camera Ready Submission :- 05-09-2022

List of Accepted Papers

Paper ID Paper Title
4Decentralized Energy Management in Smart Cities using Blockchain Technology
9Pavement Distress Detection using Deep Learning Based Methods: A Survey on Role, Challenges and Opportunities
13Intelligent Intrusion Detection System using Deep Learning Technique
26Comparative Analysis of Power Management System for Microbial Fuel Cell
36A Machine Learning Approach for Classification of Lemon Leaf Diseases
53Cyclomatic Complexity Analyst for Smart Contract Using Control Flow Graph
62Granular Access Control of Smart Contract Using Hyperledger Framework
67A Communication-Efficient Federated Learning: A Probabilistic Approach
76Optimization of Random Forest Hyperparameter using Improved PSO for Handwritten Digits Classification
77Training Scheme for Stereo Audio Generation
79Dual Image Watermarking Technique using IWT-SVD and Diffie Hellman Key Exchange Algorithm
80Anticipation of Heart Disease using Improved Optimization Techniques
81Risk Identification using Quantum Machine Learning for Fleet Insurance Premium
84Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks’ Performance Evaluation Tool (UASN-PET) for UnetStack
85Comparative Study of Workflow Modeling Services Based on Activity Complexity
86Developing a Cloud Intrusion Detection System with Filter-based Features Selection Techniques and SVM Classifier
87Performance Enhancement of Animal Species Classification using Deep Learning
91Telecommunication Stocks Prediction Using Long Short-Term Memory Model Neural Network (With Special Reference to Bombay Stock Exchange/National Stock Exchange)
96Localized Hop-count Based Routing (LHR) Protocol for Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks
99Design and FPGA Realization of an Energy Efficient Artificial Neural Modular Exponentiation Architecture
104An Improved GWO Algorithm for Data Clustering
108A Lightweight Block Cipher for Cloud-Based Healthcare Systems
109An Improved Machine Learning Framework for Cardiovascular Disease Prediction
113Zero Watermarking Scheme Based on Polar Harmonic Fourier Moments
115A Study on Effect of Learning Rates Using Adam Optimizer in LSTM Deep Intelligent Model for Detection of DDoS Attack to Support Fog Based IoT Systems
117Rice Leaf Disease Detection and Classification using a Deep Neural Network